The World of Concrete show in Las Vegas is one of the biggest concrete shows in the world, attracting tens of thousands of professionals, vendors, and tradesmen from the industry. For Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems, attending this annual event is not just a choice but a strategic move to connect with clients and contractors, and to be immersed in a world of innovation and industry leadership.

Xtreme’s V-8 High Performance Floors

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems brought a wide variety of offerings to the World of Concrete. The spotlight was on our V-8 High Performance Floors product line, featuring the star of the show –Hybrid XT. This hybrid resinous coating boasts remarkable attributes: it doesn’t yellow outdoors, dries rapidly, caters to diverse applications, and is VOC-free. Time and time again, booth visitors were astonished with the product’s versatility and reliability. For further details, check out this insightful article here.

Some New Products

Additionally, we teased upcoming improvements, including a new epoxy blend that dries clearer and is more cost-effective for our customers. Alongside this, an upgrade to R.E.V. MVP has been made for its third iteration: Gen 3. Learn more about both of these on our V-8 website here.

Our partnership with Xingyi Machine USA allowed us to showcase the HTG-550, an affordable and top-performing grinder, sparking meaningful conversations with passers-by about their needs.

A Concrete Wonderland

Dive into the captivating sights at the World of Concrete, where some of the industry giants displayed stunning exhibits. Utilizing hanging signs, screens, and other tools are used to attract customers, and creates a sleek, modern look. Outdoor lots hosted thrilling activities and competitions such as concrete carving, power-trowel racing, and excavator skill competitions. Walking through the vast complex provided a taste of everything the concrete world has to offer, as well a a much needed break from manning the booth.

Networking at World of Concrete

Networking is a vital part of the convention experience. It emphasizes its crucial role in an industry built on connections and relationships. Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems engaged in conversations with suppliers, existing customers, partners, and even competitors, seeking the latest industry developments. Every person at the show has a unique perspective worth exploring and finding value in for you and your company. Community building was fostered through friendly conversations, happy hours, and fun games like corn-hole or prize wheels, providing a break from intensive business discussions.

Challenges and Solutions: Standing Out in the Concrete Jungle

Conventions of any size come with challenges, but especially when so many similar companies are put under the same roof. Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems had particularly intense competition within the concrete coating and polishing sector. The solution? Showcasing not just products but a comprehensive business model and support system.

The challenge of international leads was transformed into an opportunity, exploring avenues like distribution deals or bulk orders to overcome shipping costs and delays. Some products, like Hybrid XT, have unique chemical properties that make them attractive for shipping and use in countries with regulations different from the United States.

Sustainability: A Greener Future for Concrete

The growth of sustainable practices is key for the future of the concrete industry. The topic is an area of continued debate and discussion as well as advancement. Ever-changing technology has blazed the way for more efficient uses of energy for equipment or provided alternative power sources.

For Xtreme, it’s important to handle material safely, especially those that may be dangerous to the environment if not disposed of correctly. The constant work that goes into ensuring our installations are adhering to local environmental regulations is one of the ways we are taking part in a green future.

Many companies showcase their commitment to sustainability with symbology such as green leaves and other designations on their “green” products. It’s all part of finding solutions to long-term problems so we can take care of the planet we’ve built our home on.

A Resounding Success at World of Concrete

World of Concrete was an excellent experience and companies big and small can benefit from such an expansive show. The energy is always exciting as attendees and exhibitors alike are looking for new connections and information. As a company, Xtreme gained valuable knowledge about the current state of the industry as well as meeting lots of new people we can work with in the future. The convention has us energized to take on 2024 and beyond!