Extend the Life of Your Polished Concrete & Coated Floors

As with any flooring be it carpet, laminate or linoleum, a high performance floor coating (epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurea, MMA or urethane) requires some maintenance as well in order for it to perform as expected. It is important to keep the floor clean on a regular basis based on traffic patterns. The reason it is important is that a dirty floor can greatly decrease the lifespan / appearance of a floor as dirt on the surface of the floor increases friction and wear.

Keep Your Polished Concrete & Coated Floors Clean

Keeping it clean can be as simple as a sweep, and a mop with clean warm water and a neutral cleaner. But depending on the size of the area, this may not be realistic on a regular basis. Using an auto floor scrubber speeds up the process, does a thorough job cleaning the floor, and may make you or your employees more likely to keep up on a cleaning schedule.

West Michigan Floor Scrubber Sales

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems is your go to for floor scrubber sales. Stop into our showroom to demo a unit in our floor scrubber sales area so that we can pair you with the right unit for your flooring. We sell floor scrubbers, cleaning pads, and cleaner (Xtreme Clean) for any size business, budget, and facility. Check out these options:

TT516 Compact Scrubber

This compact scrubber features a 16″ cleaning path. Weighing in at only 85 lbs., yet still having a 5 gallon capacity, makes the TT516 the perfect scrubber for smaller areas.

Available in a corded 115v configuration, or a cord-free battery version.

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Grand Rapids Walk Behind Scrubber Sales

Nacecare TT1120 Industrial Walk-Behind Scrubber

Featuring a 20″ cleaning path, and 11 gallon capacity, the TT1120 is a great walk-behind scrubber for medium sized areas. This scrubber is available as a corded 115v unit for unlimited working time, or as a battery powered unit.

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Nacecare TGB2228T Industrial Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

The TGB2228T floor scrubber features dual 14″ pads giving it a 28″ cleaning path. The gel battery power, and 22.5 gallon capacity give this walk-behind scrubber the work time and production needed for medium to large floors.

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Nacecare Twintec TGB2120 Industrial Ride-On Scrubber

The TGB2120 floor scrubber is a great smaller ride on unit. It features a 20″ cleaning path, 21 gallon capacity, and gel batteries. This is a great scrubber for floors of all sizes.

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Ride on floor scrubber sales

Nacecare TGB2128 Industrial Ride-On Scrubber

The TGB2128 ride on scrubber combines 2 15″ pads for a 28″ cleaning path. The wider path, gel batteries, and 21 gallon capacity make this a great scrubber for medium to large floors.

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TWINTEC VARIO TTV678 Adjustable industrial ride-on scrubber

The TTV678 ride on scrubber has a unique feature where the cleaning path can be adjust to 3 different sizes. The scrubber’s cleaning path can be adjusted to 26″, 30″, or 34″. It has 3 12″ pad holders. Featuring 6 gel batteries, this ride-on floor scrubber features a 4 hour run time. This is a great auto scrubber machine for large floors.

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