Floor Coating and COncrete Polishing Product Manufacturer

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems began as an installer of floor coatings and concrete polish systems in West Michigan. After being in the industry for many years and seeing many products come and go, none met the Xtreme standard. Our quest for the best products to ensure the best results for our customers, paired with dissatisfaction with other products on the market is what led us to develop our V-8 High Performance Floor Coating and X-Shine Concrete Polishing product lines. We knew what we wanted, but couldn’t find it. After hiring and working with top chemists we engineered a system that we knew would give us the competitive edge and lead to a long list of happy customers. We wanted  floor coatings and a concrete polishing systems that were versatile, simple for our crews, allowed for lightning-fast return to service, and gave our customers durable long lasting floors that met their needs. After installing these systems in many demanding environments, we realized we had something unique, so we brought these coatings to the market, and V-8 High Performance Floors and X-Shine Concrete Polishing System were born.

  • Resins: One-Day Installs (Hybrid XT)

  • Resins: 100% Solids Epoxy (6.0 High Performance Epoxy)

  • Resins: Moisture Vapor Protection Epoxy (REV M.V.P.)

  • Resins: Durable gloss, satin, and matte top coats (Magnum Urethane Topcoat)

  • Patching Materials (High Impact & Fast Patch)

  • One stop shop for concrete polishing systems and supplies

  • Tooling: Complete diamond tooling system

  • Densifier: De-Dusting (X-Hard)

  • Densifier: Concrete polishing (X-Hard Plus)

  • Guard / sealer: protects polished concrete (X-Guard)

  • Cleaner (Xtreme Clean)

Manufacturers of:

V-8 Hybrid XT Resinous Floor Coating


Floor Coating Resins

V-8 Concrete Floor Patching Products

Patching Materials

Concrete Patching

V-8 Floor Coating Systems and Additives

Coating Systems


Prep & Polishing Tooling

X-Guard and X-Hard Plus Densifier

Densifier & Guards

X-Shine Concrete Polishing Densifier & Guard

Polished Concrete and Floor Coating Maintenance Supplies


Floor Coating & Polished Concrete Cleaner