Your Options for Concrete Repair

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Over time, trauma, age, and changes in temperature, can all affect the surface of a concrete floor. Cracks in concrete are a common occurrence, and until recently, the only solution was to tear out and completely replace the damaged areas. Understanding whether the cracks are active or dormant greatly affects the options for repair. A

Polished Concrete Floors: Worth the Investment?

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Figuring out how much it will cost to polish your concrete floors is a simple matter of inviting a flooring expert from Xtreme Flooring Systems to your business to create an estimate. Deciding whether all of the benefits of a polished concrete floor are worth the investment is a bit more complicated. Consider The Longevity

Floor Marking And Designs Are Essential for Safety

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Marking areas on the floor in an industrial workplace is a simple matter of efficiency and safety. Floor markings that are clear and easy to see from a distance help to communicate areas of danger or high traffic to employees and visitors. Increased productivity is just one benefit of clearly defined boundaries within a busy

Slip Resistant Flooring that Looks Great – Perfect for Commercial Kitchens

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A busy commercial kitchen needs a floor that can withstand long hours, high temperatures, grease, solvents, and high traffic without showing wear or creating a slipping hazard. Choosing the right floor doesn’t have to be a painful process. There’s no need to choose between quality and ease of installation. A Slip Resistant Flooring Surface Is

This Is The Environmentally Friendly Floor Cleaner You Need in Your Office

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People with chemical sensitivities (CS) may find working in or even briefly visiting an office that uses traditional cleaning products painful. Exposure to harsh chemicals typically used to clean floors in office environments may trigger a reaction in people with CS. It is possible to easily clean a polished concrete floor without using harsh chemicals

Give Your Old Floors a Facelift With Concrete Polishing

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Want a high-style look without the pain of filling a dumpster, shutting down for days, and living with the residual stench from chemical applications? Concrete polishing offers a low-cost way to revive old, cracked, dirty, and dull floors. With a sheen that mimics the looks of polished stone, polished concrete floors are quickly becoming one

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