Yes, Mary Poppins did say “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun,” but we’re pretty sure she wasn’t talking about carpet removal and flooring prep. After all, no matter how new and ‘fun’ flooring may be, the prep work that comes first is hard work. And if there’s carpet removal involved, it’s not just hard. It’s dusty, dirty, and sometimes, when you inadvertently get a face full of decaying carpet dust, it’s downright disgusting.Carpet Removal
Lucky for you, when you contract with Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems for new flooring, we take care of the dirty work.
For best results, thoroughly remove old flooring materials and all adhesives.
When laying carpet in commercial settings, most installers will recommend gluing the new carpet directly to the concrete. Doing so helps prevent stretching and shifting in dense traffic areas, is suitable for ramps, and allows for safer, low profile flooring transitions. What they don’t tell you is that when your carpet is worn out (and all carpet wears out), it can be tough to remove.
But sometimes it’s not the old carpeting that is the problem. It’s the adhesives, mastics, and glues used to install the old carpeting. The glue’s job is to stay put. And most commercial adhesives are very good at what they do.
When Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems does the prep work for your flooring job, you can rest assured it will be done correctly. Our ride-on floor stripping machine makes quick work of completely removing old flooring materials along with any adhesives. Our extensive fleet of equipment will ensure that tile, linoleum, vinyl composition tile, carpeting, old floor coatings – it doesn’t matter what you had down before, Xtreme’s flooring experts will get the job done quickly and affordable.
Hmmm… maybe Mary Poppins was right after all. When Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems does your carpet removal and prep work, there is an element of fun. Knowing your prep work is being adequately done is fun. Right? Contact a Xtreme flooring expert today at 800-234-8208 for your West Michigan carpet removal and concrete floor prep.