Creating Functional Floor Design with Polished Concrete

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Safety and functionality don’t have to look bad; in fact, we are specialized in providing many products that not only look incredible, but are also safe and functional. Xtreme Floor Systems can give you a functional floor design in a concrete floor that is good looking, low maintenance, and slip resistant! When it comes to

Epoxy Flooring is the Perfect Commercial Kitchen Flooring Option

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Let’s talk about an area of your building you may not have thought about very much in the past: The Kitchen or cafeteria. After all, it’s not very important. Nothing ever happens in there, and people spend most of their time getting work done in other rooms, right? Wrong! The kitchen or cafeteria is where

Restore Those Dirty Floors with Concrete Polishing

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Have you noticed your business looking a little drab lately? Maybe it’s time for some renovation work! But why spend the money on a brand new floor when Xtreme Floors can restore any concrete floor by cleaning and polishing it up to make it look even better than it did when you first had it

Make Your Business A Green Business – Green Flooring Options

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A lot of people these days are highly concerned about the environment and what their company’s ecological footprint looks like. We have good news! The US Green Building Council acknowledges concrete polishing as an LEED certified step for environmentally friendly businesses. So not only can your business have a gorgeous, safe, low maintenance floor, it

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