You Have Options for VOC Free & Low Environmental Impact Flooring

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A new floor can really improve the aesthetics of a building. It can add a sense of style, cleanliness, and durability. However, the impact of a new floor can be reduced somewhat if the floor is not environmentally friendly. After all, who wants to be inhaling VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or other chemicals for the

The Guide to Keeping Your Polished Concrete Floors Sparkling

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Not only are polished concrete floors beautiful, but they are also easy to maintain. A few simple steps can help keep your polished concrete floors sparkling for many years or even decades to come! Why are Xtreme’s concrete polished floors so strong? Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems uses a special process to first grind and then

Don’t Feel Limited to Commercial Flooring Choices

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Floors are incredibly important in a commercial setting. The reason is because they are literally the foundation upon which an entire business rests. So, it is very important to have a solid and well performing floor to work on, or upon which customers can walk. Floors need to be strong, smooth, easy to clean, and

Don't Fret Over Cracked Concrete. Use Xtreme's Joint Fillers!

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Cracked concrete can be a big problem. The reason is because it can make your floors look old, damaged, and unappealing. Also, cracked concrete can potentially be dangerous. For example, if you have cracked concrete on a warehouse floor, and a forklift operator drives over it while carrying a load, this could cause an accident.

Beat the Possibility of Floor Damage this Winter

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Michigan is a fantastic state to live in. However, as any Michigan resident will tell you, the winters can be extremely cold and long. In fact, it is common in Michigan for the weather to stay below freezing for over 70-80 days every year! Although freezing temperatures and snow may be great for winter activities

Contact Xtreme for Your Next Commercial Flooring Needs

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Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems Inc. is a company that can help you with any and all of your commercial flooring needs! We specialize in all things related to concrete floors, and we have a wide variety of products and services that can help you with your floor. Products and Services Our premium products include V-8

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