Line Striping Coating Grand Rapids

Safety line striping and safety marking in your facility can help to reduce workplace accidents and injuries, as well as increasing efficiency and flow. Utilize line striping to mark walkways, forklift only traffic, designate areas, and more. Safety graphics such as stop signs, and yield signs can help to dictate the flow of traffic through your facility.

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems in Grand Rapids offers line striping and safety marking services, and has installed millions of lineal feet of safety line striping in facilities throughout West Michigan. We have permanent, and durable removable line striping options available in many different colors and textures. We take pride in our thorough preparation, and quick and accurate line striping installations.

  • Increases safety & meets OSHA requirements

  • Safety line striping

  • Aisle way marking

  • Walkway marking

  • Danger and hazard marking

  • Permanent & durable removable options available

  • Quick & precise installation

  • Many colors available

  • Permanent graphics available

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