Front of house restaurant flooring is one of the most demanding surfaces in any business. Choosing the right flooring for your restaurant may seem stressful. Supporting sanitation and safety standards of various agencies like OSHA, the FDA, and the USDA adds a layer of complication to the process of choosing the right finishes.
Polished concrete is a great choice for commercial restaurant flooring
Using an existing concrete floor as a finished product in a commercial kitchen is a viable “green” option that meets existing LEED standards for environmentally-friendly building and renovation construction.  This cost-effective alternative to tile, vinyl, and other surfaces is popular in schools, new construction projects, factories, and government buildings as well.
Daily exposure to chemicals, oil, salt, and alkaline compounds in a busy commercial kitchen creates hazards and challenges for any flooring system. Polished concrete offers a tough surface that can withstand the daily abuse of chairs, tables, industrial solvents, harsh cleaners, and heavy traffic.
Concrete floors that are properly polished and sealed are non-porous, food-grade, and meet all of the various health department standards for a sanitary surface in restaurant. This easy to clean surface will not soak up spills, and therefore, cannot become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.
Resistant to thermal shock
Ongoing extreme temperatures in restaurants create an extra set of demands for durability. Resistance to thermal shock is essential in a restaurant setting as the appliances emit high levels of heat for many hours each day. Concrete floors offer the highest level of thermal shock resistance available in any flooring option.
OSHA mandates that any flooring surface in a commercial kitchen be certified slip-resistant for the safety of the employees, vendors, and customers. Grease, oil, water, and various spills cause slip-and-fall hazards that are unavoidable. A slip-resistant surface helps to reduce accidents and provide a safer environment for everyone in the kitchen.
Polished concrete is a great low maintenance choice for high traffic areas. To find out more about how to meet all of the requirements of a commercial restaurant floor and make the dining area of your restaurant look great, please contact us today.