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Commercial Kitchen Flooring in Holland Food & Beverage Facility

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APPLICATION: Like most kitchens, this commercial kitchen flooring in Holland presented a lot of challenges and requirements. The large area acts as a commissary kitchen for a large number of restaurants in a popular West Michigan chain. This means that it is in high demand, and subject to high traffic. In addition to needing to hold up to rigorous use, the floor had an existing coating that needed to be removed. Lastly, the floor needed to be returned to service quickly.

In preparation to be coated, the existing coating was removed by diamond grinding. Upon completion, a shotblaster was run to give the floor the proper surface profile for long term adhesion.

Xtreme installed our V-8 HD-PC system in this area because the 1/4″ thickness can handle the high traffic and abuse. Furthermore, the heavy duty polyurethane concrete system can handle the thermal shock that commercial kitchen floors experience during cleaning, and spills from fryers. This is in contrast to how epoxy and other coatings handle such rapid temperature shifts in the concrete.

Project Details


V-8 HD-PC Polyurethane Concrete

Commercial Kitchen Flooring in Holland
HD-PC installed as commercial kitchen flooring in Holland
Urethane Cement Installation
Food & Beverage facility flooring in gray
Seamless bathroom floor at Holland commissary kitchen

Why hire Xtreme as your contractor for commercial kitchen flooring in Holland?

Equipment –

Polyurethane concrete floors in commercial kitchens require extensive preparation to the concrete substrate to ensure long lasting results.

First, any existing flooring including quarry tiles, coatings, dairy brick, and any other flooring needs to be removed. It’s important to note that removing existing flooring in commercial kitchens can be a difficult task without the proper equipment.

Second, any remaining grout or glue is removed from the surface. For this reason, Xtreme has a large fleet of diamond grinders to grind any remaining imperfections from the concrete floor.

Third, once the concrete substrate is clean and free from any oils, fats, dirt, and other debris it is prepped for proper adhesion of the coating. To elaborate, prep is typically done by shotblasting or diamond grinding depending on the system being installed. Shotblasting is required for long term results when installing a thicker heavy duty floor, like this 1/4″ HD-PC floor.

Hiring Xtreme as your commercial kitchen flooring contractor means you’re not only hiring our experienced crews, but also our fleet of equipment. To emphasize, we have invested well over a million dollars into concrete prep equipment. Having the right equipment allows our crews to not only complete teh project properly and to spec, but also to complete it quickly and get the area back in service.

Experience –

Millions, of square feet of coatings have been installed by our crews. In addition, we have installed many seamless commercial kitchen floor coatings. Therefore, our experience allows us to operate efficiently from the second we are on the job site. As a result, we can complete projects quickly to meet timelines.

Speed & efficiency –

Multiple crews, fleet of trucks and trailers, specialized equipment, training, and a plan all contribute to our speed & efficiency on our projects. Because of this, we complete jobs start to finish much quicker than many. While our speed is an important aspect of hiring Xtreme as your contractor for commercial kitchen flooring in Holland, be confident in the fact that quality is what we strive for.

Full support staff –

Xtreme’s service starts long before our crews arrive on site. Because our facility is fully staffed with team members, projects run smoothly from beginning to end. First, Salesmen educate on system performance, color options, and flooring pricing. Second, operations managers make sure that the work is completed on time, and that the right team is on the job site. Third, warehouse members equip our teams with the correct products and tools for the project. Fourth, project managers, and crew leaders are on the project to ensure the floor is completed to spec. Once completed, the accounting department handles any invoicing and billing questions.

Showroom –

Our large showroom and design center in Hudsonville gives you a chance to see our different floor coating systems applied in realistic real world environments. For example, our showroom is also a working shop so it sees a lot of abuse and traffic. Furthermore, many of these floors have been installed for many years. This gives you an opportunity to not only touch and feel your flooring options, but also see how they will perform over time. In addition, we also have a large design center featuring many floor coating and polishing colors, systems, and textures so you can pick what is right for your space.

Our showroom and design center is open Monday to Friday and no appointment is necessary. However, if you call ahead, we can make sure that a salesmen is available to answer all of your questions. In conclusion, feel free to drop in and see for yourself at 3303 Hudson Trails Dr. Hudsonville, MI 49426.

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