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Unique Grand Rapids concrete flooring project

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Grand Rapids, MI

APPLICATION: This new Grand Rapids wedding venue was looking for a unique concrete floor for their space. For this reason polished concrete was originally their first choice. However, after considering the spills that take place at weddings, and the potential stains it could leave on polished concrete floors, it was determined that a V-8 High Performance Floor Coating would be a better fit.

The main advantage of a V-8 concrete coating over polished concrete is cleanability. Firstly, the V-8 6.0 HP Epoxy floor is seamless. Second, the floor is non-porous. To elaborate, this means that spills won’t soak in and are extremely easy to clean up. Third, the V-8 Magnum Urethane Topcoat is extremely chemical resistant so spills that could stain polished concrete floors are much less likely to affect it. Particularly, these spills include red wine, soda, and pickle juice. Fourth, the matte finish of the V-8 Magnum Urethane Topcoat helps to hold up to high traffic patterns and also hide dirt.

Project Details


Grand Rapids wedding venue


Clear epoxy flooring with matte urethane topcoat using V-8 High Performance Floors products.

Grand Rapids Concrete Flooring at Wedding Venue
Grand Rapids concrete flooring with epoxy
polished concrete look using V-8 6.o HP Epoxy
easy to clean concrete flooring in Grand Rapids

Why Xtreme as your Grand Rapids concrete flooring contractor?

Equipment –

Xtreme has the right equipment for any size Grand Rapids concrete flooring project. In fact, over a million dollars of concrete grinding and prep equipment is used by our crews daily.

Experience –

Our experienced crews have installed millions of square feet of epoxy and floor coatings. Therefore, we’re able to avoid problems before they happen and complete projects quickly. Furthermore, the proper installation of  V-8 High Performance Floors products ensures long lasting results.

Speed & efficiency –

Our multiple crews are efficient. In fact, this is due to them being properly equipped with a fleet of vehicles, equipment, and trained employees. Because of this, we complete jobs on schedule. Obviously speed is a big factor in hiring Xtreme as your Grand Rapids concrete flooring contractor but it’s important to realize quality is our number one goal.

Products –

With 20+ years of proven durability, our V-8 High Performance Floor Coating products set us apart. As a matter of fact, the V-8 products have been installed by many Certified V-8 Installers across many millions of square feet across North America. Additionally, V-8’s unique long lasting floor coatings have been used successfully in commercial, industrial, educational, and residential settings. It’s important to note that due to the proven durability and success of the V-8 product line, architects and contractors across the country have been switching to V-8 High Performance Floors products.

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