There’s no need for surface coatings with concrete polish. While concrete floors that are polished, sealed, and sometimes dyed have a high shine surface that appears waxed, the truth is that the polishing process itself produces a high shine without the use of any additional products, including wax.
Commercial floor wax
A waxed floor is typically linoleum or wood. Businesses that need to maintain large areas of waxed flooring do so by hiring a company to perform the work at regular intervals. Depending on the square footage and geographical location of the business, prices vary widely. Having someone come into your business to clean and wax your floors regularly represents a considerable expense. The frequency with which commercial floors need to be waxed and buffed depends completely on the amount of foot traffic they endure. It’s important to keep in mind that a waxed floor can be slippery. Many businesses choose to place rugs near entryways in high traffic areas for safety.
Concrete polish
Concrete floors that are polished have a high shine that requires very little maintenance over time. Many businesses choose to have their concrete floors repaired, polished, dyed, and sealed. This process is faster and cleaner than most people expect. One of the many benefits of polishing an existing concrete floor is that it’s easy to keep clean, and there’s no need for a professional to apply and buff wax at regular intervals to maintain the shine. Concrete floors are easy to maintain with a simple dry mop followed by an eco-friendly mop or pass with a floor scrubber using our Xtreme Clean Super Concentrate Cleaner
Keep in mind that polished concrete is a great option for public areas where you need a low or no-VOC option that doesn’t trap allergens. Unlike wood and linoleum surfaces that require frequent maintenance, polished concrete surfaces help businesses earn points for LEED green building certification.
The Xtreme Floor Systems concrete polishing system is approved by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) as a high-traction floor that meets OSHA and ADA standards.
Here at Xtreme Floor Systems, we understand the advantages that concrete polish offers business owners. Our team of experts works to minimize downtime during a floor refinishing project. We use the latest equipment for a dust-free installation that leaves concrete floors permanently polished to a high shine.