Why Hiring Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems for Your Next Flooring Installation Project is Beneficial for Your Business

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Do you know how important your flooring installation choices are to the health and well-being of your business? Your customers and clients form an immediate impression upon walking through your front doors. They make judgements about cleanliness, attention to detail, commitment to quality, and even your business’ financial well-being based on what they see. When

Why You Need to Call Xtreme for Your Next Flooring Renovation

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Flooring services and renovation can be time consuming and expensive. Eliminate down-time and save money by repairing and polishing your concrete floors. Our team will make your floors look new again! Concrete repair Here at Xtreme Floor Systems, we understand how important it is to properly and thoroughly prepare your concrete floors. Concrete repair is

Xtreme Can Find a Flooring Style Perfect For Your Budget

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We have flooring options at many different price points here at Xtreme Floor Systems. Choose from popular options like concrete polishing, coatings with different epoxies, or even our highly rated V-8 Hybrid XT coating systems. Finding a affordable flooring style should be painless, and we are in the business of helping you make the best

What You Should Use for Commercial Restaurant Flooring

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Restaurant floors take a real beating. High traffic areas, constant temperature fluctuations, and frequent spills make this type of environment one of the toughest to deal with. Concrete polish is an easy, durable option for restaurant owners that has many advantages over other types of flooring for front of the house applications. (We also have

Commercial Floor Wax vs. Concrete Polish: What You Need to Know

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There’s no need for surface coatings with concrete polish. While concrete floors that are polished, sealed, and sometimes dyed have a high shine surface that appears waxed, the truth is that the polishing process itself produces a high shine without the use of any additional products, including wax. Commercial floor wax A waxed floor is

Get Back to Work with Xtreme’s Quick One-Day Installation

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Closing the doors of your business for floor renovations costs more than revenue. Your employees, customers, and neighboring businesses count on you to honor regular business hours. You shouldn’t have to choose between completing a much-needed floor renovation and staying open for business. Xtreme Floor Systems understands how important it is to minimize downtime and

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