Professional Floor Graphics Establish Credibility

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Floor graphics are all the rage, although they’re not something a lot of people think about when they first decide to have a new floor put in. Our specialists are highly trained and experienced in giving people the design and colors they want at a low cost. Brand image is important, and we want people

Looking For The Best Commercial Kitchen Flooring Option?

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Looking For The Best Commercial Kitchen Flooring Option? You won’t find a better floor for the commercial kitchen than a concrete floor coating! The commercial kitchen is a busy place, full of bustling people who are there to get the job done. They don’t want to have to worry about anything but the job they

How Much Does A Polished Concrete Floors Cost?

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“Concrete flooring looks so smooth and perfect, it must cost a fortune! There is no way I can afford anything that nice for my building.” We hear it all of the time, and we always have the same answer for these misled people: “Yes, you can!” The cost of polished concrete floors often surprises people,

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