Quartz Double Broadcast System Ideal for Fire Stations

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Buildings that see a lot of use and may be open to the public need a flooring system that is beautiful, durable, and offers unsurpassed longevity. Why municipalities choose the Quartz double broadcast system Municipalities need a high-quality flooring option that is quick to install, durable, beautiful, won’t show wear over time, and is also

Save Time And Money By Trusting Flooring Experts to Install Your Floors

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The DIY (do-it-yourself) craze may be all over popular television, but it doesn’t have a place in your floor installation project. While it’s easy to rent some types of heavy-duty equipment to facilitate this type of DIY dream, by the time you pay the rental fees, buy the supplies you think you’ll need, and (hopefully)

How to Choose the Right Commercial Flooring Option

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There are many good commercial flooring options available. Depending on the job’s budget, existing flooring, timing requirements, weather, surrounding environment, and specific demands like slip-resistance or ESD resistance, polished concrete or epoxy flooring may be suitable choices. Epoxy offers a viable commercial flooring option. Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems offer beautiful, easy to clean, customizable 100%

Floor Graphics on Polished Concrete Offer a Valuable Sense of Place

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Polishing and sealing existing concrete floors is a beautiful, environmentally friendly, cost-effective way to brighten and update any business, school, or factory. For an extra dose of brand promotion or team spirit, consider adding floor graphics to a concrete floor. The floor installation experts at Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems can add a logo or sign

Benefits of ESD Flooring

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ESD is essential in environments where an electrical discharge could cause damage to electronic devices causing equipment failure, product malfunction, or injury to employees or visitors. Any environment where two objects create electrostatic charge by contact and separation of materials is at risk for a dangerous ESD event. While many ESD events are harmless, charges

Commercial Restaurant Flooring – Why Polished Concrete?

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Front of house restaurant flooring is one of the most demanding surfaces in any business. Choosing the right flooring for your restaurant may seem stressful. Supporting sanitation and safety standards of various agencies like OSHA, the FDA, and the USDA adds a layer of complication to the process of choosing the right finishes. Polished concrete

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