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Grand Rapids Industrial Flooring – V-8 High Performance Floor Coating System

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Grand Rapids, MI

APPLICATION: Another white industrial medical floor completed by Xtreme! This Grand Rapids industrial flooring project required a durable and easy to clean floor coating option. Furthermore, the 80,000 square foot medical manufacturing facility required a smooth white seamless floor.

Since Xtreme already completed 2 West Michigan, and 1 Northern Indiana facilities for this customer, they knew they HAD to have our proven V-8 High Performance Floors White Floor Coating System. In addition to V-8’s White Floor Coating System’s formulation for durability, it is also UV Stable. Meaning that it won’t amber, yellow, or discolor over time.

Project Details


Grand Rapids Industrial Facility


V-8 High Performance Floors White Floor Coating System

Prep Done Right for Grand Rapids Industrial Flooring Projects

Prep is the most important part of long term success on a Grand Rapids industrial flooring project. With this in mind, Xtreme goes above and beyond with our concrete prep process.

  • Hand grinding –

    Edges, doorways, & drains are ground by hand

  • Cracks & joints prepped

    Saw cuts, joints, and cracks are prepped with crack chaser saws hooked to high performance vacuums. Furthermore, our durable V-8 patching products are used to rebuild any damaged joints and treat cracks.

  • Joints filled

    Joints are filled with our flexible polyurea joint filler.

  • Grind joints flush – 

    Due to shrinking during the curing process, joints will often curl upwards. If not addressed, curled joints will be visible through a smooth seamless floor coating. Furthermore, raised joints receive a much higher rate of abuse and damage from forklift and wheeled traffic. For this reason, Xtreme diamond grinds the joints flush with the rest of the floor on all Grand Rapids industrial flooring projects.

  • Diamond Grinding

    The entire floor is diamond ground to remove the weak top layer of concrete. In addition, diamond grinding removes any sealers, contaminants, coatings, and glue. Moreover, grinding helps to flatten the floor and remove irregularities in the concrete.

  • Prepping damaged & uneven areas –

    Contrary to popular belief, even new concrete in good condition will have areas that need to be patched for the best looking finished floor. For example, stones in the concrete can pop out during the grinding process and leave a void. Prior to patching, Xtreme uses chipping hammers to prep these areas that a concrete floor grinder won’t reach.

  • Shotblasting – 

    After grinding, Xtreme shotblasted the entire floor. There are many advantages to our use of shotblasters after grinding. First, shotblasting provides a higher CSP rating (Concrete Surface Profile rating) than grinding alone. As a result, the floor coating is able to penetrate further for a better bond. Second, shotblasting leaves a clean dust free floor that is ready for coating.

  • Patching – 

    Patching is the last prep step before coating and creates a higher quality finished floor. With this in mind, Xtreme patches all of the cracks, damaged areas, irregular surfaces, and spalling.

Seamless industrial flooring in Grand Rapids
White industrial flooring in Grand Rapids
industrial floor coating in Grand Rapids

Why hire Xtreme as your Grand Rapids industrial flooring contractor?

V-8 High Performance Floor Coating Products & more –

Industrial floors require industrial strength floor coating and concrete polishing products. Because of this, Xtreme developed our V-8 High Performance Floor Coating & X-Shine Concrete Polishing product lines to fill a void in the industry for versatile industrial strength flooring products. Over the years, our product line has expanded to include everything needed for many types of industrial flooring. To name a few of our industrial strength V-8 products: HD-PC heavy duty polyurethane concrete, Hybrid XT (Xtra Tough), 6.0 High Performance Epoxy, REV MVP moisture vapor protection epoxy, Magnum Urethane Topcoat, Line Stripe, Oil Stop Primer, and more.

Furthermore, in addition to our own product lines, we also have a wide range of specialty products that we install to meet specific industrial flooring projects. A few examples are: extremely chemical resistant coatings, ESD (electrostatic dissipative) coatings, and more.

Concrete Prep. Equipment –

Xtreme has the concrete prep equipment to complete any Grand Rapids industrial flooring project. Millions of dollars of specialized surface preparation equipment is used every day by our crews. Of our specialized fleet of equipment, much of it is geared towards prepping concrete for the application of industrial floor coatings.  For instance, the concrete is ground and any coatings are removed with our fleet heavy duty concrete grinding machines from Substrate Technology, Inc.. In addition to our fleet of grinders, we also utilize many other pieces of equipment such as shotblasters, scarifiers, ride on floor scrapers, and more when prepping the floor for epoxy and coating application.

Grand Rapids Industrial Flooring Experience –

We specialize in industrial flooring projects. To elaborate, we’re experts in our field with 20+ years of experience. Simply put, Xtreme has installed millions upon millions of square feet of industrial flooring in West Michigan alone.

Not every contractor is able to meet the demanding requirements of industrial epoxy flooring or concrete polishing projects. To list a few, the requirements include a fast pace schedule, demanding industrial environments, large spaces and labor needs. On the contrary, Xtreme is setup for exactly these types of demands.

Timely Completion of Projects –

Our projects run quickly and efficiently. Many factors contribute to this, including: multiple experienced crews, fleet of trucks and trailers, huge arsenal of equipment, the right products, and a comprehensive plan of attack. As a result, projects are completed from start to finish much quicker than many. It is important to note, that while our speed is an important aspect of hiring Xtreme as your Grand Rapids industrial flooring contractor, quality and long term results are our number one priority.

Professional Service From Start to Finish –

Xtreme’s service starts long before our crews show up to the job site. This is due to our experienced and professional team that smoothly handles every step in the process. As a result, projects run smoothly from start to finish. First, salesmen educate our customers on expectations, possibilities, and pricing. Second, operations managers make sure that the work is completed on our customers schedule, and that the right crew is on the project. Third, warehouse employees equip our crews with the correct materials and equipment for the project. Fourth, project managers, and crew leaders are on site to make sure the project is completed to spec. Finally, the accounting department smoothly handles invoicing and answers any billing related questions.

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