Our Platinum Color Pigment System is a showstopper

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Floor coatings are a durable and low-maintenance option that are ideal for high traffic areas. Our new Platinum Color Pigment System is a high end flooring option that will serve you for years. The Platinum Color Pigment System is part of the V-8 High Performance Floors product line and was developed by Xtreme Engineered Floor

In the Market For New Floors? Why You Need a Commercial Flooring Contractor

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It may seem like a cost-saving measure to DIY a flooring project. After all, you can rent some equipment, use Youtube videos for guidance, and at first glance appear to save money in the process. The truth is, you have many options for new flooring installation, and doing it yourself is one of them. Having

Tips to Ensure Your Industrial Polished Concrete Floors Are Top Notch

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To make sure your industrial floors are top notch, it’s crucial to consider the top three priorities: safety, traffic, and maintenance. Businesses considering a new flooring system understand that there are many viable options. In fact, there are so many choices to make throughout the process of flooring installation that it can become overwhelming. Polished

Why Proper Concrete Preparation Isn’t Something to Overlook

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Concrete preparation is an essential part of the concrete finishing process. To get ideal polished concrete floors, or floor coatings, it’s crucial to carefully and completely remove old coatings, repair problem areas, and smooth uneven surfaces and bumps. Concrete coating failures are completely avoidable, and are usually caused by improper concrete preparation. In order for

Have Xtreme Install Resinous Flooring and Say Goodbye to Garage Floor Stains!

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Oil stains can make your garage look dirty and unprofessional, but they are impossible to avoid in a commercial setting. You can continue to try to remove the stains, but even if you are successful, the floors won’t stay clean for long in a busy repair shop, oil change bay, auto body shop, or car

Xtreme Floors Make Commercial Bathroom Cleaning a Breeze

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Concrete floors are suited to tough environments. One of the toughest areas to maintain in any commercial or retail environment is the bathroom flooring. Commercial bathroom cleaning can be a real pain, and no one wants to see that dreaded, “closed for cleaning” sign! Easy to clean bathroom floors keep business running smoothly Customers have

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