Eco-friendly flooring is a reality with concrete polishing.

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There’s no question that consumers care deeply about the environment. As business owners wake up to the opportunities presented by Green Industry business trends they are making decisions based on eco-friendly qualities. For example, organic food sales grew 11.4% in 2014, while overall food sales saw only a 3% increase. Across 60 countries, 55% of

What you need to know to keep your polished concrete floors looking great.

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Polished concrete maintenance is a simple matter of keeping the floor free from a build-up of dust, dirt, sand, and grime. The floor itself is very resilient and tough. Keeping it clean by dust mopping the surface daily will prevent foreign materials from dulling its high-gloss finish. Choosing a cleaner for your polished concrete floors

Xtreme expands the options for commercial flooring.

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There’s a lot of thought and planning that goes into choosing a commercial flooring option to suit the specific needs of your business. A new floor will completely change the look and feel of your building. Choosing wisely could save you thousands of dollars in maintenance costs, reduce your energy bill, and contribute to a

Cracked concrete? Repair it with our crack and joint fillers.

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Why does concrete crack? When properly installed, concrete is durable, economical, and environmentally responsible choice that will stand the test of time. Many factors can have a negative effect on the quality of the concrete. Too much water in the mix during the original pour reduces the strength of the cured surface. As it dries

Winter Has no Chance to Cause Floor Damage with Xtreme Flooring.

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Many of our local Michigan clients enjoy the benefits of Xtreme Flooring surfaces whether it be polished concrete floor or various floor coatings. Here are just a few examples of how our amazing processes and products combine to create flooring that stands up to harsh winter conditions to help prevent floor damage: Worried about Salt?

Choosing the best commercial flooring option for your business.

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Commercial flooring; concrete polishing offers many benefits One popular way to give your concrete floor a new look and a serious upgrade is to brighten it with concrete polishing. There’s absolutely no need for surface coatings, so you can give the budget a break by never having to turn your floors over to a professional

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