Grand Rapids Airplane Hangar Coating

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems in Grand Rapids is a resinous floor coating and polishing contractor with many years of experience. We manufacturer our own V-8 High Performance Floor Coating product line, as well as install several other specialized floor coating systems to meet our customer’s flooring needs.

As contractors, we specialize in floor coating installs in industrial, commercial, educational, and aerospace facilities. We have floor coating options to meet any of our customers needs and schedules whether that be aesthetics, durability, impact resistance, thermal shock, ESD, chemical resistance, slip resistance, etc… Xtreme has the equipment, crews, and materials to handle any size floor coating job ranging from bathrooms, to huge open warehouses and factories. With our specialized floor coating products we can have floors installed and back in service in as little as a day depending on the size and desired system.

Our Grand Rapids floor company offer resinous floor coating systems that create an extremely easy to clean non-porous seamless surface. With no grout lines or seams, there is no where for bacteria to hide. A neutral cleaner is typically all that is needed to keep the floor coating in top condition. Want to take clean-ability up a notch? We have seamless cove options that create a radius at the wall and will take the coating up the wall (we can go to the ceiling for a seamless room!).

  • Industrial coatings

  • Decorative coatings

  • Vertical coatings

  • ESD Coatings

  • Chemical resistant coatings

  • Slip resistant coatings

  • Safety markings

  • Containment coatings

  • One-day or less installation coatings

  • Easy to clean seamless coatings

  • Epoxy coatings

  • Thin Mil coatings

  • Thick build coatings

  • Coatings designed for thermal shock

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