Carpet Removal? Let Us Handle that For You

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Having access to the latest, most advanced, and most powerful equipment available is one of our super powers here at Extreme Engineered Floor Systems. Our floor strippers make quick work of even the toughest and most complicated floor coating removal jobs. We call our machine “The Bronco” and its battery-operated engine uses a combination of

Installing slip-resistant flooring could be one of the most important business decisions you make this year

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Leading causes of slips and falls Damp floors, oily spills, and wet areas are the leading cause of slips and falls. It’s important to understand how slip-resistant the different flooring options are before making a choice for your retail location, restaurant, warehouse, or business. Undiscovered leaks, debris, and even routine floor cleaning processes can cause

Xtreme is the Best West Michigan Flooring Contractor

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Here at West Michigan based Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems we are ready to help local businesses with their flooring repair, reconditioning, and remodeling needs. We’ve been in the flooring industry for years. Our specialties are concrete polishing, coating, and dyed concrete. Concrete grinding We can level your concrete surfaces with our large diamond grinding machines.

What You Need to Know About Concrete Repair

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Rough, cracked, beat up, chipped and spalled floors don’t always mean that a complete tear out and re pour of the concrete is necessary. We have many tools, patching materials, and floor coatings that can repair and hide many imperfections and damage to concrete floors. Check with us first to see if we can save

Xtreme Floors are VOC Free

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Choosing a flooring system free from harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) is a great choice for the health and comfort of your clients, customers, and employees during the flooring installation. Indoor air quality is an important aspect of providing an environment that is healthy while leaving a positive impression on the people who mean the

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