When it comes to ensuring the cleanliness and longevity of your epoxy or polished concrete floor, Xtreme Clean stands out as the go-to solution. This highly regarded cleaner will leave floors spotless even after the dirtiest conditions.

Xtreme Clean is a super concentrated and versatile cleaner that is meticulously formulated to tackle a diverse range of cleaning tasks. It swiftly eliminates even the most stubborn soils and greases from surfaces unaffected by water.

Unlike other products on the market, Xtreme Clean is not meant to be sold in mass on store shelves. Developed by Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems, this cleaner is a testament to years of industry experience, resulting in a highly effective and efficient solution.

The objective is clear: put the power of professional, industrial-grade cleaning directly into the hands of the customer.

What Makes Xtreme Clean Stand Out?

Boasting a concentration that is 8 times higher than the leading floor cleaner, Xtreme Clean helps you get more value for your money while achieving superior cleaning results. In order to activate Xtreme Clean’s power, simply mix the super concentrated solution with water and carry out normal cleaning.

Bottles come equipped with an easy-to-use pump, and a simple ratio for a professional grade clean every time. Whether applied with a mop or a floor scrubber machine, Xtreme Clean rises to the occasion, delivering consistently outstanding performance.

Ross Meiste, Head of V-8 Sales at Xtreme, shared his insight, stating, “When I was working as a contractor, I’d leave a bottle of Xtreme Clean with the customer, free of charge. I knew that they would be happy with it and want to get more. And the cleaner they kept my floor, the happier they’d be with my service.”

Why Do I Need A Superior Cleaning Product?

When cleaning any surface, especially a decorative floor, paying attention to abrasive or damaging chemicals is important. Xtreme Clean’s unique qualities extend beyond its cleaning prowess—it’s a neutral pH cleaner, striking a delicate balance between effectiveness and safety for your floors.

Choosing an effective cleaner is a pivotal aspect of preserving a newly installed epoxy floor. Xtreme Clean not only maintains the shine and luster of your floor but also acts as a protective shield, reducing the need for costly professional cleaning services.

Even over the course of years, Xtreme Clean paired with any V-8 High Performance Floors product will look brand new.

Invest in Xtreme Clean to experience the unmatched benefits of a powerful, concentrated, and industry-tested floor cleaning solution.