When your commercial, industrial or residential space calls for a floor that’s affordable, attractive, tough and long-lasting, an epoxy surface installed by Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems of Hudsonville, Michigan should be a leading choice.

Because of these qualities, epoxy floors are often selected by businesses, institutions and municipalities for wherever there’s a lot of wear. Think of garages, gyms, hospitals, malls, offices, restaurants, restrooms, schools and stores. Factories and warehouses are also popular applications for these industrial-strength floor coatings.

Homeowners appreciate the rugged versatility of epoxy flooring, too. It’s a great choice for basements, bathrooms, garages and laundry rooms.

A solution that delivers excellent durability.

Offered by Xtreme under the brand name 6.0 HP (High Performance) Epoxy from V-8 High Performance Floors, epoxy flooring is self-leveling and seamless. It dries (i.e., hardens) into a thick layer of high-gloss plastic.

Providing superb abrasion and chemical resistance, it’s rugged enough for years (if not decades) of use!

A flooring choice with multiple advantages.

While carpeting, cement, hardwood, stone and tile have their plusses, none of these options can match the suitability of epoxy where high foot traffic is expected. It is:

1. Affordable: Epoxy flooring is often the most economical choice at the outset. Ongoing maintenance expenses are about as low as they go. Plus, it’s a choice that lasts and lasts.

2. Attractive: Epoxy flooring offers unlimited color and customization options. You can also specify quartz granules, mica chips or vinyl flakes to add texture, a metallic look or another appeal.

3. Durable: A thick plastic surface, an epoxy floor is highly resistant to chips, gouges and scratches. Even rare cracks or scuffs can often be readily repaired.

4. Easy to maintain: With a hard surface that’s impermeable to dirt, you’ll find that epoxy is easy to clean. Simply use off-the-shelf cleaners with a mop and bucket to maintain the shine!

5. Greaseproof: Featuring a non-porous surface, most greases and oils wipe off epoxy floors. No wonder they’re a top choice for auto showrooms, factories, garages and kitchens.

6. Waterproof: A seamless, sealed and self-leveling layer of plastic, epoxy floors repel water. Use them in basements, bathrooms and laundries where flooding might be an issue.

Going the extra mile has made Xtreme the “go-to” floor coating contractor in West Michigan.

When you need floor coatings or concrete polishing, it pays to go to Xtreme. Dedicated to quality, value and service, we bring decades of experience to every project. Rely on Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems for decorative and industrial floor coatings, concrete polishing, vertical coatings and safety line striping.

Expert surface preparation is often part of the package. Before installing your new floor, count on us for epoxy floor removals, floor paint removals, tile flooring removals and VCT tile removals.

No challenge is too big, and no detail is too small. Our focus on customer satisfaction led us to formulate our own line of seamless floor coatings—V-8 High Performance Floors. Our proprietary X-Shine Concrete Polishing System also brings new benefits to those who place their trust in us.

You’re invited to see Xtreme’s many floor coatings and polished concrete systems as applied to real-world environments. Visit our showroom at our 20,000-sq.-ft. facility in Hudsonville, Michigan.