Event Centers

The look of polished concrete, with the benefits of a durable & easy to clean V-8 High Performance Floor Coating


  • 20+ years of proven durability

  • Industrial strength

  • Resistant to chemical & salt damage

  • Magnum High Wear Topcoat is great for high traffic

Low Maintenance

  • Routine cleaning w/ Xtreme Clean is typically all that is needed

  • Easy to repair if needed

  • Doesn’t require regular waxing or guard

Quick Return to Service

  • Fast return to service

  • Can be installed very quickly

  • Hybrid XT can handle foot traffic in as little as 4 hours


  • Non-porous

  • Seamless

  • Stain resistant

  • Chemical resistant

Low Odor

  • No VOCs during installation of V-8 6.0 HP Epoxy or V-8 Hybrid XT

  • VOC Compliant during installation of Magnum Urethane Topcoat

Our V-8 High Performance Floors product line offers many durable & long-lasting options to fit your needs

V-8 Hybrid XT


One Day Installs & UV Stable

V-8 6.0 HP Epoxy

(High Performance Epoxy)

Industrial Strength

V-8 Magnum Urethane Topcoat

(High-Wear Topcoat)

Matte, Satin, or Gloss Options

V-8 REV M.V.P.

(Moisture Vapor Protection)

Coat Green Concrete in As Little as 24 Hours

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