One of the most common questions we get as floor coating & concrete polishing installers, is “How long do these floors last?”.
The answer can be complex because there are many factors that determine this. Including: how the area will be used, which system is installed, and how it is maintained. Our V-8 High Performance Floor Coating and X-Shine Concrete Polishing options are extremely durable, and industrial strength. Yet, there are still things that you can do to extend the life and appearance of your floor.
While extremely low maintenance compared to many other flooring options, a simple routine cleaning will greatly improve the life expectancy and performance of your floor. No matter the environment or use, a clean floor will greatly outlast a dirty one.

Here are 10 tips to extend the life of your coated or polished concrete floors:

1) A neutral cleaner is typically all that is needed.

Our recommended cleaner, Xtreme Clean Super Concentrate Cleaner has been specially formulated for use on coated and polished floors (in addition to other hard surfaces). 8x more concentrated than other brands. Xtreme Clean quickly removes stubborn soils & perfect for routine cleaning. A measured 1oz pump, and easy to follow chart on the label make it a “no-brainer” to get the correct water to cleaner ratio.

2) A floor scrubber does a better job of leaving a streak free and clean surface.

Mops can push around dirty water and leave streaks and soils on the surface Contrarily, a scrubber vacuums up the dirty water. Scrubbers also do a better job of agitating stubborn dirty spots. There are scrubbers available for every type of space. Compact and lightweight options for tight spaces, larger walk behinds for larger spaces, and ride-on scrubbers for quick cleaning on large areas.

3) Use the right scrubber pad or brush for your surface.

Make sure it is in good condition. Contact us for recommendations on which pad or brush for your floor. Too aggressive of a pad or brush can dull the surface over time

4) Clean regularly to remove contaminants on surface that contribute to long-term wear.

5) Sweep before scrubbing to remove large debris that can get caught in brush or squeegee.

6) Use clean water, and follow instructions on Xtreme Clean bottle.

Dirty water and too much cleaner can lead to a streaky floor

7) Introducing a new cleaner or chemical?

Test a small inconspicuous spot first.

8) Use protection on bottoms of chair and table legs

Felt, or protective rubber sleeves work great on chair and table legs. In addition, office chairs with rubber/polyurethane wheels are preferred.

9) Don’t drag pallets & keep forks raised

10) Coated & polished floors don’t require waxing.

Wax can attract dirt & make the surface harder to keep clean long term.
Cleaner and Scrubber Supplier

“A Clean Floor is a Longer Lasting Floor”

Here at Xtreme, we understand that a “clean floor is a longer lasting floor”. That is why we don’t stop at just installing High Performance Floors and walking away, but offering the tools you need to properly clean and maintain your floor for long term results.
We offer everything you need Including: a wide range of sizes and price points of Nacecare floor scrubbers, Xtreme Clean Super Concentrate Cleaner, & accessories including pads, brushes, microfiber pads, and more. We keep everything in stock for quick & easy pickup at our Hudsonville facility, or can ship anywhere.
Grand Rapids Scrubber Sales and Demos

Demo a Floor Scrubber Before You Buy

Stop by our 20,000 s.f. showroom, or setup a demo with one of our experienced salesman to see how our scrubbers and recommended cleaner can extend the life of your floor.