Your business cannot afford the downtime of waiting weeks to install a new floor after pouring new concrete. In today’s fast-paced economy, it is easy to understand that time means money. Lost revenue can quickly surpass the savings from hiring the wrong installation company. Luckily, your business does not need to shut down for days, because Xtreme provides quick floor installation.

It used to be that you had to wait atleast 28 days, sometimes even weeks longer, for concrete to cure before new floors can be put in. This does not make for a quick floor installation. But not anymore. V-8 Rev MVP is a fast-drying, 100-percent-solids epoxy moisture vapor protection and remediation product. It reduces and protects against moisture vapor that is formed in either green or old concrete during mixing.

Using V-8 Rev MVP can eliminate the long curing period of concrete before applying an epoxy coating, carpet, tile, or hardwood. V-8 Rev MVP can be implemented at anytime after 24 hours of the concrete being poured. Also, it can be installed as a primer or as a stand-alone product.
Rev MVP gives your new floors a high gloss finish with excellent UV resistance. After using V-8 Rev MVP, your quick floor installation will be complete and can be open to foot traffic in as little as three hours.

You no longer need to worry about closing your business down for days with a quick floor installation from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems. Protect your concrete floors by calling the professionals at Xtreme at 1-800-234-8208. See some of our floor coating samples in real world type environments before starting your project. Stop into our showroom located conveniently half way between Holland and Grand Rapids in Hudsonville (behind Action Water Sports).