You’ve spent what seems like ages waiting to renovate your business, and after budgeting and planning, you are finally ready. Many times during these floor renovations, there are many trades involved in the process. These different trades are all focused on their particular task and aren’t always careful with the floor preservation.
During this time, things are being dragged, dropped, spilled, and more on the floors of the building. If a floor has already been completed before other trades come in, they may become damaged if not protected.
We always recommend contacting Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems to figure out the best way to protect a floor that we installed. But, as a general guideline, there are many options to protect your floors, ranging from professional quality to affordable depending on what will be done by other trades and the amount of traffic. You can preserve some floors with a heavy canvas drop cloth to protect from light items and spills. However, keeping your floors safe can be a bit trickier when heavier items and more trades are involved. Dropping a hammer can dent wood floors, chip tile, or chip and damage concrete underneath coating or a polish.
You can shield your floors with 1/8-in. Hardboard to fit the room, and duct tapes them together at the seams (not taping directly to the floor). Another affordable option is to use rosin paper to shield your floor. It will not provide the level of protection as the hardboard will, but using two or three layers can give you a decent defense against scratches and spills.
Cleaning up your floors is an easy task, especially if you already have a professionally installed floor from Xtreme Engineered Flooring Systems. After sweeping up the dirt and debris, use a mop with a simple cleaning solution.
If your renovation includes installing new floors, then look no further than the many options provided by Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems. Call 1-800-234-8208 today, or stop by the showroom located at 3303 Hudson Trails Drive in Hudsonville.