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Polished concrete flooring is a concrete floor that has been treated with a chemical hardener (which also fills in the pores) and ground with progressively finer diamond grinding tools on a machine made specifically for this purpose. The finer the grit and the longer the concrete is ground, the smoother the floor becomes and the higher the resulting shine.
Sometimes less is more. In the flooring industry, this has never been truer than now. What was once thought to be a cold, industrial raw material, concrete is trending in popularity as a flooring material. Its simple, smooth, polished surface provides an aesthetically pleasing base for almost any style from classic to contemporary and modern to minimalist.

Why the increase in popularity?

Sustainable – Because concrete is readily available and already used in building foundations, it is considered a sustainable building material. By polishing the concrete, a natural and beautiful floor is created.
Low Maintenance – Once polished and sealed, polished concrete requires very little maintenance. Keeping it clean is a matter of sweeping or dust mopping and damp mopping as needed. Polished concrete flooring is treated with a hardening sealer, so it can be non-absorbent and therefore resistant to water damage.
Custom Colors – While traditional gray concrete is beautiful once polished, choosing polished concrete flooring doesn’t limit the color choices available to you. Stains and dyes can be applied in the finishing process changing the color palette and enhancing the look of the polished concrete. Colors can be implemented in patterns or shapes for a more custom look. And levels of shine vary from the flat which has tiny light reflection to a high gloss as well.
Affordable – As with everything, the cost of polished concrete flooring is dependent on the difficulty of the project and how much customization you request. Generally, though, polished concrete flooring is a very cost-effective flooring decision. And because of the ability to customize colors and polish levels, it provides a lot of bang for the buck.
For beautiful polished concrete flooring in West Michigan, your go-to flooring company is Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems on Hudson Trails Drive in Hudsonville.
With unlimited design options and a maintenance-free finish, Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems’ polished concrete floors are not only an economical choice. They can be the best choice. Sometimes less is more. For more information, contact Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems today.