When was the last time you took a good, long look at your floors? Did you move the area rugs or doormats? Maybe shove the furniture over a few feet and see what the floor underneath looked like? If it’s been a while, go ahead and take a look at them now. We’ll wait… So, what did you see If your answer is ‘discolored flooring,’ we’re not surprised. Unfortunately, with many common types of flooring, the problem of discoloration is found more frequently than you would expect.
So, what causes floor discoloration? There are a lot of answers.

  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Aging of old acrylic or wax finishes
  • Use of improper cleaning supplies
  • Poor maintenance and insufficient cleaning
  • Cleanser residue
  • Improper finishing
  • Incorrect use of scrubbing and buffing machines
  • Chemical reactions
  • Spilled substances that caused staining

What can you do?
A popular DIY website recently posted, “Fortunately, you can easily remove any floor-based discoloration with several household cleaning products and a little bit of elbow grease.” 
Unfortunately, no amount of elbow grease is going to remove flooring discoloration caused by UV rays, improper finishing, staining, or chemical reactions. And while other causes of discolored flooring may be more amenable to some heavy-duty cleaning, how often are you willing to do it? Finally, because the leading cause of floor discoloration, today, is old flooring, wouldn’t it make more sense to install a beautiful, new floor?
Won’t you just have the same problem with your new floor in a few years?
That’s a good question! And the answer is: It depends on the kind of flooring you install. Some types of flooring are more susceptible to discoloration. These include natural stone, hardwoods, and some types of tile and vinyl. While they might look great when they go down, they can require significant maintenance to keep them looking beautiful.

With Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems, discolored floors are a thing of the past!

With over 30 years in the flooring industry, the experts at Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems have developed several floor coating products and treatments that are color-stable, UV resistant, and easy to maintain. This means that your new flooring from Xtreme – whether it be Xtra Tough Hybrid or Polished Concrete – will resist discoloration for years to come.
Xtreme Engineered Floors Systems Hybrid XT floors are known for their:

  • UV resistance
  • Trouble-free maintenance & cleaning
  • Chemical resistance
  • Seam-free & non-absorbent surfaces
  • Color stability

You know what your flooring looks like today. Now, imagine what it will look like in five years. A new floor by Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems will look as beautiful as the day it was installed. Could you handle that? If so, call an expert at Xtreme Engineered Floors today.