The Xtreme Word of the Day is DURABLE

You might be wondering why we would focus an entire blog post on just one word. The answer is simple really. Durability (which is defined as the ability to be durable) is one of the most critical aspects of every single flooring solution we sell.

At Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems, we want to be known as West Michigan’s durable flooring experts. Located on Hudson Trails Drive in Hudsonville, we’ve been installing sustainable flooring systems in commercial, industrial, educational, and chemical buildings across West Michigan for more than 23 years.

23 Years is a Long Time

The Merriam Webster definition of durable is ‘able to last a long time without significant deterioration in quality or value.’ Throughout our 23 years in business, we have continuously endeavored to improve (opposite of deteriorating) the quality and value of the products and services we offer at Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems. (Another example of durability!)

Polished Concrete Flooring, High-Performance Epoxy Flooring, Hybrid XT Resinous Floor Coating – the specific choice is up to you. The result, no matter what the chose, is a beautiful, long-lasting, industrial strength, easy-to-maintain, chemical resistant, VOC-free, UV-stable, and yes, durable, custom floor.

If your flooring is diuturnal (as in archaic), then it’s time to call West Michigan’s durable flooring experts at Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems.

  • – able to resist wear & decay, long-lasting
  • Merriam Webster Dictionaryable to exist for a long time without significant deterioration in quality or value
  • Cambridge Dictionary – Able to last a long time without becoming damaged
  • The Oxford Dictionary Able to withstand wear, pressure, or damage; hard-wearing.
  • Something that is built to last
  • Synonyms from include (but are not limited to): strong, dependable, resistant, tough, reliable, impervious, and diuturnal (which is defined as archaic or lasting a long, long time)