Remember when no-wax floors first came on the market? Everyone wanted them because, well, you didn’t have to wax them. They were supposed to shine without waxing and be easy to clean. And they were, sort of, for a while. Until they weren’t shiny anymore and you had to buy polishes for your no-wax floor.

Polished concrete floors live up to all the hype about no-wax floors. They are beautiful and comfortable. Best of all, they are incredibly durable. In fact, because of their durability, they are fast becoming the floor of choice in industrial facilities, schools, retail locations, office buildings and many other locations.polished concrete

One of the most popular options for polished concrete floors is classic gray which is surprisingly stunning after it has been polished. Fine or large aggregate can be exposed during the concrete polishing process depending on the mix of the concrete and the level of grinding desired. Adding stain to the concrete during the polishing process can produce an array of stunning effects depending on the color or colors chosen.

One of the most popular polished concrete finishes is the staining technique that replicates the look of polished natural stone. Just as they do in natural stone, cracks and imperfections in the concrete add to the character of the flooring. In addition to choosing the color for your polished concrete floors, you also have a choice in the amount of shine you want on the finished floor. Shine levels vary from all the way up to an extremely high gloss finish.

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems installs the first polished concrete floor system to receive approval of the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). During the polishing process, Xtreme applies concrete sealers, hardeners, and densifiers to the concrete. These increase the abrasion and impact resistance of the floors and are part of the NFSI High Traction floor certification. Our polished concrete floors meet both ADA and OSHA slip-resistance standards.

No floor is ever going to be no maintenance. However, beautiful, polished concrete floors get close. Merely sweeping and mopping with a gentle cleanser such as our Xtreme Clean as needed will restore the shine. Simple, sustainable, durable, and aesthetically appealing – call Xtreme today to find out more about how you can get a polished concrete floor for your West Michigan building.