ESD is the abbreviation for Electrostatic Discharge which is that shock you sometimes feel with static electricity. What may surprise you, though, is according to Cisco, a Silicon Valley technology conglomerate that manufactures networking hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-tech products and service, when you feel a static shock, you are feeling the generation of 3,000 volts of electricity.

ESD flooring controls static electricity in work environmentsESD Flooring

When you understand that the sensitive computer hardware of today can be damaged by a static discharge as low as 20 Volts, you understand the need for ESD flooring. Because much of today’s manufacturing equipment contains sensitive microelectronic technology, many factories and manufacturing facilities require ESD flooring.

In addition to damaging sensitive technology, ESD is extremely dangerous in any situation where there are flammable chemicals and gases or a high concentration of oxygen. The pharmaceutical industry and even hospital surgical suites require ESD flooring to prevent explosions.

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems – ESD Flooring Expertise

It’s important that you speak with a flooring expert knowledgeable in ESD flooring before making a flooring decision or purchase because there are different types of ESD Floor Coatings – Conducive and Dissipative. Each works differently to control electrostatic discharge.

Conducive – A conductive ESD floor coating contains electrically conductive carbon and graphite particles, within the coating. These allow electrical currents to travel through the flooring in a controlled fashion.

Dissipative – ESD dissipative flooring has anti-static properties so that under particular circumstances, electrostatic charges do not build up in the flooring. It is important to note though that if those conditions change, the dissipative properties of the flooring will change as well.

Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems will conduct a comprehensive flooring evaluation and risk assessment to determine your specific requirements and ESD flooring needs. A flooring specialist from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems will be happy to answer all your ESD related questions. Call us today at 1-800-234-8208.