Cracked or broken concrete a problem? If you’re thinking that it’s not a problem, you need to know that ignoring cracked and broken concrete is a safety issue. In addition, unrepaired concrete can cause further breakdown and damage. Timely concrete floor repair can extend the life of a concrete floor and save money in the long run.
Safety Concerns – Cracked and broken concrete is a safety hazard that can cause trips and falls. These accidents can result in injury or potentially even death. Why risk your insurance rates going up or expensive lawsuits when concrete floor repair is quick and affordable?Concrete Floor Repair
Further Damage Risks – Pitting and cracking concrete is normal over time. Once started, concrete breakdown can hasten the deterioration of your flooring. However, concrete floor repairs can prolong your floor’s longevity by several years.
Cleaning Issues – Broken concrete, along with pitting and cracking, all cause increased dust and dirt in your workplace. Why risk damage to expensive equipment when a simple concrete floor repair can prevent it?
Are you convinced yet?
The logic is simple. Fundamental maintenance and repairs save time and money. So, why is it so often neglected? Oh, that’s right. Back in the day, the only solution for damaged concrete was to tear out and completely replace the damaged areas. But those days are done!
Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems has two options for concrete floor repair.
Perfect for small holes and pits, Fast Patch hardens and is ready to finish in just 20 minutes.
When you need a stronger patch or repair, High Impact is two to three times stronger than regular concrete. The 100% solids, epoxy-based aggregate is the perfect solution for larger cracks and broken areas. High Impact can be installed and ready for finishing in just one hour.
You can’t ignore concrete floor repair, but with Fast Patch and High Impact from Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems, those repairs are a lot easier and more affordable than they used to be. And when it’s time for a new floor, let us show you how beautiful a polished concrete floor or floor coating can be. Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems is your solution to concrete floor problems. Call us today.