There are some places you just expect to see dirt and grime. Auto shops are one of those places. But with Xtreme’s floor coatings, what your clients expect and what they get can be very different things.
Commercial garage floors have customarily been left unfinished – after all, leaking oil, grease, and other automotive fluids were going to just ruin them anyway. Sometimes garage floors are painted, but the chemicals in transmission and brake fluids can cause paint to break down and begin peeling within months. And no one expects painted floors to remain clean either. With Xtreme’s ground breaking products this is no longer the case…
Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems has changed all that.

When your auto shop uses V-8 Hybrid XT Vinyl Chip system that Xtreme manufactures, instead of traditional garage floor coatings, not only will your floors clean up quickly and easily, regular maintenance will be trouble-free.
You read that right – greasy, grimy garage flooring can be a thing of the past. Instead, daily sweeping to pick up dirt and debris sitting on top of the floor and mopping with a mild cleaning solution is all that is needed. If desired, larger areas can be cleaned with a commercial scrubbing machine. For your convenience, detailed V-8 garage floor coatings maintenance instructions including a list of approved cleansers in available as a PDF download.
Additional benefits of a V-8 Vinyl Chip garage floor coating include:

  • Slip resistance – safer for both employees and customers
  • Long lasting – protects floors from breaking down over time
  • Chemical resistance – Hybrid XT is resistant to most things found in auto shops
  • Seamless installation – no cracks or crevices for dirt and grease to accumulate
  • Professional appearance – clean floors make a completely different impression on customers

V-8 Hybrid XT floor combine combines two resins, polyurea and polyaspartic, to create a durable, floor that can withstand the daily abuse of foot and vehicle traffic, as well as any spills.
You don’t need to settle for greasy, grimy commercial garage floors any longer. With proper preparation, even old, oil-stained garage floors can be covered with V-8 Hybrid XT (stands for Xtra Tough) floor coatings. Call Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems today, and we’ll answer all your commercial garage floor coating questions.