Looking to update your commercial flooring? We got you covered.commercial flooring
Whatever your need, Xtreme Engineered Flooring has an option for you. We offer the best solutions, customized to your business and situation.
Today, we will break down two options: concrete polishing and commercial coating.
Concrete Polishing
The greatest benefit of concrete polishing is that there is no additional coating needed. The shine you see on day one will also be present on day 365 and beyond. There is no need for consistent waxing, as the polish is permanent.
It is also easy to maintain. With just a mop and a simple cleaning solution, or a machine scrubber, your floor will remain looking new for as long as you have it. Our Xtreme Clean Super Concentrate floor cleaner works great on polished concrete floors.
Lastly, if your business receives a lot of foot traffic, our concrete polishing system’s slip-resistance meets ADA and OSHA standards, which reduces the chances of people slipping and falling.
Interested in a concrete polishing? Contact us for more information on the process and how with limited downtime, you can have a brand new floor in your office.
Commercial Floor Coating
Another option we offer is commercial floor coating. We can be in and out of your business, leaving you with a brand new, beautiful floor.
Our industrial strength floor coatings are built to last, designed to withstand heavy abuse, but still aesthetically pleasing.
While some commercial flooring options emit dangerous VOCs during installation, our products are all VOC-free, which means you don’t have to evacuate your whole building when we put in the floor.
Our easy-to-clean, durable floor coatings are perfect for restaurants, hallways, bathrooms and more. We have many different styles to choose from.
No matter what your flooring needs are, we have a solution for you. And regardless of what option you choose, we promise a project that requires as little downtime as possible for your business, no smells or chemicals leaking into the air, and easy for you to clean and maintain for many years to come.
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