Whether you work in a military facility, electronics assembly plant, pharmaceutical facility or similar, you should look into ESD flooring (electrostatic discharge), as it can prevent any electrical discharges from damaging equipment, causing product malfunctions, or injuring anyone.
ESD FlooringRegardless of your environment, our ESD flooring solution can be customized to fit your needs. This includes choosing the discharge range, chemical exposure, and even the look of the floor. All meet the industry’s standard of excellence.
What It Does
By controlling static electricity, any static buildup gets directed toward a safe control point, preventing any chance of shock. The smallest of electric discharges, even if unnoticed, can have adverse effects on the environment. Thus, these floors are installed to prevent, or reduce down to a minimum, discharges from causing any damage.
A Safer Workplace
The implications of not installing ESD flooring can be very detrimental. Imagine for a moment that you just have standard commercial carpet in place in your data center. You had plans to take the necessary safety measures, but business is booming and you didn’t get around to it. Then one day a random electrostatic discharge goes off and hits a row of server racks damaging the equipment. Expensive damages can happen very quickly. In an instant, network information, customer information, and more could be damaged or destroyed. Having the proper floor not only protects your hardware, but your employees as well.
Xtreme Solution
At Xtreme, we care deeply about the safety of your people and your data. That’s why we work with you to figure out exactly what you need and how we can help. Give our experts a call today!