Concrete is an extremely tough material. Concrete is so strong that it is used to help build impressive structures such as bridges, damns, and even skyscrapers. However, when concrete is used for flooring, constant foot traffic, and wear and tear over many years can lead to the need for concrete repair.
Cracks, joints, and other issues can occur to a concrete floor after years of use. These problems can also happen if extremely heavy objects are dropped onto the floor.
When concrete floor cracks get bad enough, it is important to repair them. This is especially true if the cracks occur in an area that has a high volume of foot traffic. The reason is because if an accident and an injury occurs due to someone tripping on the crack in the floor, this could lead to hefty lawsuit against your company.
Xtreme Can Help!
Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems has two different products that can help with your concrete repair. Both products are fantastic and can be incredibly helpful for floor repair. However, each product is designed for a different purpose. Here are the two products.
Fast Patch
Fast Patch is a gray epoxy-based material, and is the speediest way to repair your floor. It goes on prior to coating, and it can be applied to holes and pittings in your floor. This product can be set up in only twenty minutes! After it is dried, it creates a very strong surface which is ready for preparation and final surface coatings.
This product is ideal for people who need to fix their concrete floors in a hurry. A quick application can have you fixing those pesky holes, cracks, and pittings in no time!
High Impact
Whereas Fast Patch is designed for speed prior to coatings, High Impact is designed for strength and use in polished concrete. In fact, this product has 9,500 pounds of compressive strength, and is 2-3 times stronger than concrete! High Impact is also epoxy based, but comes with a special aggregate blend that mimics typical Michigan concrete.
This material is ready for grinding and polishing in only one hour! It also comes with custom aggregate, so it will look very similar to normal concrete when it is done.
High Impact is a great solution for larger holes and cracks which need to be repaired and made to be incredibly strong again. It can help you get the tough jobs done!