A polished concrete floor can be a great feature for your business. Not only are they beautiful and high-traction, but they can also come in a number of different colors. Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems has a wide range of gorgeous colors to choose from that can really make your floor stand out!
Both the colors and the polish can make your floor look bright, clean, and very visually appealing. This can help to improve customer satisfaction with your commercial property. Our concrete polished floors are also extremely easy to clean, and can be installed quickly.
In terms of price, there are a number of different factors which can impact the total cost of the concrete polishing. Here are the main factors.
1. Size
Floor size is an extremely significant variable when it comes to concrete polishing prices.
2. Complexity
The complexity of the job can also significantly impact the price. For example, if the floor layout is much more complex than a standard floor, and if there are a number of other challenges that make the job more difficult, then the prices can be higher for a polished concrete floor.
However, if the particular project is straightforward and simple, then this can reduce the price.
3. Design Components
Design components can include things such as graphics, dyes, lines, or even safety symbols. In general, the more of these things that a project has, the higher the price is likely to be.
While there are many things that affect the pricing and cost of a polished concrete floor, it is still very economical and offers many benefits. Some of these benefits are: ease of care, sustainability, versatility, durability, and longevity.
Pricing Info
Prices vary significantly from project to project. This is because every project is different.
To get a quote, you can contact Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems Today! Our floor experts can give you a precise estimate for your flooring requirement!