Because many businesses have dangerous or hazardous activities occurring on commercial property, properly marking the floors with lines and signs can be extremely important for safety.
This is especially true for manufacturing companies, or other businesses that use hazardous materials or heavy machinery. A red line on a manufacturing floor delineating a danger zone can be the difference between a serious accident, and complete safety. The reason is because if workers know exactly where to go and where not to go, they are less likely to get hurt!
Xtreme’s Solutions
In addition to the many other high quality products and services offered by Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems, we also offer floor graphics and line striping. Our graphics can include safety images and signs, or other indications of danger. They can also include words which can mark certain areas.
Our lines and graphics can be applied to polished concrete floors, or floor coatings, which are commonly used in commercial settings. The lines come in a number of different colors. They can run the length of the building, or be applied in different patterns or areas. It all depends on your business needs, and the best way to optimize safety.
Benefits of Line Marking and Floor Signs
Graphics and floor signs transform your commercial floor from simply a platform upon which people stand to a literal map for conducting business in a safe and efficient way. Not only can accidents be prevented due to greater employee understanding of danger, but assembly lines can also be more efficient and productive.
The reason why assembly lines can benefit from line marking and floor signs is because lines and signs can be applied to the floors to show workers exactly where to move. For example, a line can be drawn from station A. to station B. This line can be placed in the most efficient path, and all the employee has to do to maximize efficiency is follow the line.
Lines can also be helpful for forklift operators or other drivers who may be carrying wide loads that prevent them from seeing the floor in front of them. A track can be made for these drivers and operators to follow by putting two lines parallel to each other a certain distance apart, such as seven feet. Then all the drivers need to do is follow the track, and they will stay right where they need to be while they make their deliveries! This can dramatically improve safety.