Having non-slip flooring is important for many businesses. However, it is especially important for commercial kitchens. The reason is because slippery substances often spill in these kitchens, and chefs and other kitchen staff are constantly running around, working at high speeds, trying to get things done.
So, in commercial kitchens you have two major risks for slip and fall accidents that can be dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken; first, a high tendency for slippery substances to be on the flooring and second, a high volume of employees moving quickly in close proximity to each other.
Due to these factors, it is extremely important for commercial kitchens to have safe, non-slip floors.
Xtreme can help!
Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems has a number of non-slip flooring options that can be a tremendous asset to employees and employers alike in commercial kitchens. For example, our vinyl chip system or other broadcast systems can be excellent for traction.
This floor is great for helping commercial kitchen employees to be able to grip the floor well with their feet while they work. This can help to prevent slip and fall accidents.
This floor can also be cleaned extremely easily. So if a carton of eggs or a gallon of milk is spilled on the floor, no problem! Our floor coating systems can be cleaned with a mop and bucket, or an auto scrubber. These floor systems can also be installed in one day!
A single slip and fall accident in a commercial kitchen can lead to a long-term absence of an employee in addition to a large worker’s compensation claim. If a visitor to the kitchen slips and falls at the kitchen, then it can lead to a lawsuit. So, when it comes to commercial kitchen floors, safety is of paramount importance.
Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems has the floor systems you need to optimize the safety of your commercial kitchen floors!