Do you know how important your flooring installation choices are to the health and well-being of your business?
flooring installation
Your customers and clients form an immediate impression upon walking through your front doors. They make judgements about cleanliness, attention to detail, commitment to quality, and even your business’ financial well-being based on what they see.
When a customer or client walks in for the first time, what do you hope they’ll think and believe about your business? Do you want them to be impressed by the neat, tidy, and well-kept environment? Do you hope they’ll notice and appreciate the beautiful surroundings and carefully curated fixtures, surfaces, and colors?
Xtreme Engineered Floor System’s highly trained sales staff and crew understand how important those first impressions are to your business. We really “get” how important your flooring style choices are to the look and feel of your business.
There are many options worth considering, and concrete repair followed by concrete polish is among the most popular choices in the Michigan area. Choosing this eco-friendly and economical option leaves you with perfectly polished floors that are shiny and impressive quickly. Our dust-free process yields gorgeous results literally overnight. Concrete polish is simple to maintain and our customers love the clean ability after having the Xtreme team refinish their floors. You’ll enjoy an impact and scratch resistant surface that lasts and lasts while impressing your clients and customers with a new high-end and modern look.
Another great route to check out for your floors is a floor coating. We offer many different styles and colors of durable resinous floor coatings. We can do solid color floors, vinyl chip, mica chip, metallic epoxy floors, and much more! So depending on your needs, we’ve got you covered!
Hiring experienced flooring experts to complete your renovation project is a smart move. It’s a worthwhile investment that pays for itself quickly. There are many factors to consider when taking on a business flooring project. Here at Xtreme, we carefully evaluate functionality, performance, design, aesthetics, and budget for the best possible result. Let us create the right floor for you! Our team of flooring experts is standing by to help you make the best possible flooring choices for your business. Contact us today!