We have flooring options at many different price points here at Xtreme Floor Systems. Choose from popular options like concrete polishing, coatings with different epoxies, or even our highly rated V-8 Hybrid XT coating systems. Finding a affordable flooring style should be painless, and we are in the business of helping you make the best choice for your business.
flooring styleXtreme will help you understand your options
It’s easy to overlook or overestimate the cost of certain factors when trying to budget for new floors. A new floor has a huge impact on how your business looks to your customers and clients. It can also make a big difference in your maintenance budget. It may even help your business by earning LEED certification points, meeting OSHA and ADA standards for slip-resistant flooring, and help create a more sanitary environment in general.
Beyond the cost of the actual flooring materials, and the labor, it’s important to remember that supplemental costs can have a significant impact on a flooring estimate. For example, if you decide to have your existing concrete floors polished to a high shine, and the floor requires repairs, this will impact the estimate. Sub-floor preparation, floor leveling, underlayment, removal and disposal of the old floor, and any moldings and trims will also make a difference in your final flooring cost.
Finding the flooring option that best meets the needs of your business, your employees, and your customers may seem complicated, but helping our clients by presenting the different options, complete with a cost estimation, is an important part of our business here at Xtreme. Whether you choose concrete polishing, epoxy, or a Hybrid coating system, we are committed to helping you find the most affordable option. To find out more about the different options to fit your flooring budget, contact our experts here at Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems today.