For many businesses, slip resistance is one of the top priorities when choosing a floor covering, coating, or coating additive. There are a few misconceptions surrounding the standards for OSHA and ADA slip resistance. OSHA recommends a slip resistance of SCOF (static coefficient of friction) 0.5.
Slip ResistanceThe ADA acknowledges that research indicates a 0.6 SCOF for flat surfaces and a 0.8 SCOF for ramps. They recommend that refurbished floors meet these levels for proper slip resistance. The Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) requires accessible routes be firm, stable, and slip-resistant in newly-constructed or altered ground and floor surfaces.
Adding texture
Our 60 mil textured V-8 6.0 High Performance Epoxy floor coatings are a great choice for industrial and commercial applications where slip resistance is crucial. Other options for adding texture include sand broadcasts, V-grip, and white aluminum oxide. Adding texture for slip-resistance is a smart way to make your floor safer. For a custom level of texture, ask about adding slip-resistant additives to any of our high-quality coatings.
Decorative coatings
Seamless and attractive, our quartz decorative coatings offer advanced light stable resin technology that is non-yellowing, which makes it ideal for outdoor and multi-use areas. In addition to providing the look of depth and providing tough wear resistance, choosing a decorative coating creates texture that provides slip resistance.
High traction concrete polishing system
The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) certified our concrete floor polishing system as a “High Traction” floor. The first one of its kind, our polishing system does not require surface coating. The slip-resistant floors meet ADA and OSHA standards as well.

NFSI Product Certification is intended to provide product manufacturers the means to have their products independently evaluated for wet slip resistance. The end result is to provide the end-user relevant information to make a more informed buying decision.

Our team of approved installers turn plain concrete into beautiful polished floors with a patented process of grinding and sanding that is dust-free and safe. Limited downtime gets your business up and running quickly after renovations are complete.
For more information about how Xtreme Flooring can help create a custom slip resistant floor for your business or commercial space, please contact us today!