A floor remodeling job represents a significant investment in downtime, money, stress, and time. One way to get the floor you want is to consult with our team at Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems to repair your existing concrete floors.
Budget-friendly floor remodeling with concrete repair
Tearing out a floor and completely replacing it with new material can be time consuming, messy, and expensive. We have the latest equipment and materials in addition to an expert crew to turn your ugly broken floors into beautiful polished surfaces. Some perks that you’ll enjoy from repairing your concrete floors are lower overall maintenance costs and easier cleaning. concrete floors
A concrete floor that has cracks but is not in danger of further damage from settling, drying shrinkage, or damage from outside forces is a candidate for repair. Prepping a concrete floor by filling cracks, joints, and missing pieces is a cost-effective way to get eco-friendly and beautiful flooring. Even large cracks and faults are no match for our concrete experts. Our concrete grinding and polishing services can transform your environment. Be sure to ask about changing the look of your floor with concrete dye and sealing systems, as well.
However, not every floor can be polished to look brand new. Sometimes concrete is too far gone, or with the repairs required will cost more than alternatives. In these cases we have decorative floor coatings that can make your floor look brand new again. Whether it is with our 6.0 High Performance Epoxy, or our Hybrid XT resinous coatings, you’ll have a brand new beautiful floor when we are done. We have many different decorative coating options available. Stop in to our 10,000 square foot show room in Hudsonville (just west of Grand Rapids) to see for yourself!
Enjoy reduced downtime with concrete repair, grinding, and polishing
Even the toughest concrete repair job takes just a few days from start to finish when you choose our floor remodeling services. You’ll enjoy reduced downtime, little to no mess and a dust-free environment during the remodel.
Our self-contained shot blasting machines prepare concrete for specialized coatings and our Prep Master machines level concrete, remove old coatings, and remove mastic while simultaneously vacuuming for a dust-free environment during the remodel. Creating a completely refinished flooring system that doesn’t leave any lingering chemical smell is our specialty.
Our team at Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems has the most up-to-date tools and training to make your old, dull, and damaged floors shine like new. To learn more about how we can help upgrade your concrete floors quickly and in a budget friendly way, please contact us.