Each remodeling project comes with its own set of concerns and challenges. Even the best-laid plans go awry without notice. Amid all the excitement and changes, it’s easy to forget to leave room in the budget and timeline for our temperamental Michigan climate.
While it may be tempting to undergo a concrete polishing and sealing project or a floor coating project as a DIY job, even the bravest remodeler will find that completing a potentially difficult job like concrete floor finishing during a brutal Michigan winter can cause unwanted changes to the product. This type of difficulty is nearly impossible to navigate without experience. Keep in mind that fixing problems adds expense to the project, as well.
Winter Remodeling
Concrete in cold temperatures
Even on a cool and sunny day when air temperatures feel well above freezing, concrete may be too cold for epoxy or sealer application. Warming the slab is essential, and it could take days to bring it up to temperature.
Expect increase set times and more chance of error when self-installing decorative concrete floors in low temperatures. Depending on the location of the concrete floor, it is possible to speed drying times with strategically placed fans and heaters, but the finished product may not look exactly as you hoped.
Leave cold weather installation to the experts
Our clients depend on our expert team of trained technicians to install a concrete polished floor while planning for and understanding how Michigan’s frigid winters impact the overall timeline and techniques necessary to get the job done right.
Our V-8 High Performance Floors Hybrid XT resin is a great option for cold-weather installation and is suitable for application down to 0 degrees F. It features one-day installation (which may take longer in cold weather), no VOC formula, non-yellowing, and easy to clean, this flooring gets your business back up and running as quickly as possible.
Using the best products to create a high quality, durable, and beautiful cement floor coating is important, but it’s only a small part of the equation. Having a team of experts that understand how weather affects winter remodeling projects saves time and money while helping you stick close to a desirable timeline.
For more information about how the Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems team can help you get the polished concrete floor or floor coating of your dreams in spite of the weather, please contact us today.