Nobody likes inconveniences such as having to come back at a later time for something as simple as washing their hands after lunch. After all, there is work that needs to be done! Your business depends on your employees finishing tasks and getting back with clients in a timely manner.
They shouldn’t have to wait around for a bathroom break.
We have the perfect solution for you! Here at Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems, we have so many great commercial flooring options that would be entirely perfect for your building’s bathrooms!
Our concrete floor coatings are unbelievably easy to keep clean and with many different color and finish options they’re attractive too! You don’t need to use any harsh chemicals or special equipment. All you need to do is sweep and mop up regularly and they will stay clean and keep their glossy shine! It does not get any faster than that, and your employees will love not having to wait a long time on your building’s cleaning crew to finish their jobs.
Once you have us install our seamless floor coatings in your bathrooms you’ll no longer have any grout lines or seams for bacteria to grow. When paired with our pre-molded V-Cove that takes our coating up the wall, our coating systems are the preferred flooring for bathrooms and other places where clean ability is a concern. We also have floor coating systems that can be installed in one day using our V-8 Hybrid XT resin. This means that bathrooms are back into service quicker.
Give us a call and let us help you keep things running smoothly all around your building! Your employees should not have to wait for the annoying “Closed For Cleaning” sign to be taken down, and if you hire us they will not have to! Once we are finished your building’s bathroom will be easy and quick to clean.