Functional Floor DesignSafety and functionality don’t have to look bad; in fact, we are specialized in providing many products that not only look incredible, but are also safe and functional. Xtreme Floor Systems can give you a functional floor design in a concrete floor that is good looking, low maintenance, and slip resistant!

When it comes to flooring, safety should be a top priority. After all, someone could slip and fall and not only get hurt, but also bring a lawsuit down on top of you and your company. You should never have to be concerned about anything like that happening! We can mix our floors into different textures to ensure that you get exactly what you need, safeguarding your peace of mind against such worries. 

Like we promised, there are also ways to make your floors look nice. Our commercial flooring services offer 12 different pigment colors to choose from which you can add to our V-8 6.0 Performance Epoxy System to give it a customized feel without being high maintenance. 

Our Vinyl Chip System not only allows you to select from standard color blends, but you also have the option to create your own pattern and color scheme so that it will be 100% unique to your building! It is sure to look beautiful, be safe, and not be an absolute nightmare to keep clean!

Another way we can help keep you safe is with our line striping products. This polymer adhesive tape features a beveled edge, along with peel and stick technology. It is designed to be used to make walkways in places such as warehouses and factories, keeping people out of more dangerous areas. All you have to do is stick the tape down where you want it and you’re good to go!

Let us show you that you don’t have to sacrifice anything when it comes to flooring! We have a ton of options, one of which is sure to be perfect for you! Give us a call and you can have it all!