commercial kitchen flooringLet’s talk about an area of your building you may not have thought about very much in the past: The Kitchen or cafeteria. After all, it’s not very important. Nothing ever happens in there, and people spend most of their time getting work done in other rooms, right? Wrong! The kitchen or cafeteria is where you and your employees take lunch and coffee breaks. You spend around 30 minutes to an hour a day in there, so why should it not look just as nice as the other rooms in the building? 

Epoxy or hybrid flooring is a sound choice for a kitchen or cafeteria floor mainly because it is  so easy to keep clean. A lot of food and drink spills probably happen in there and it would be an absolute pain to have high maintenance floors. You and your employees should enjoy your breaks and not have to worry about ruining, staining, or damaging anything. If you go with epoxy or hybrid floor coatings, we guarantee you won’t!

Another reason to choose epoxy or hybrid flooring is that it is slip resistant! There is no reason to worry about your employees falling down and spilling hot food or beverages all over themselves or someone else. Safety is one of our top priorities! We can make floors in varying textures, depending on your needs, wants, and concerns. The kitchen or cafeteria has more hazards than a lot of people realize. You shouldn’t let your flooring become one of them!

Concrete polishing is also an option for kitchens or cafeterias. We install the first polish that was approved by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), and it has been certified as a High Traction Floor, so you have our guarantee that they will be safe and look incredible.

So as you can see, there is no need to forget about your building’s kitchen or cafeteria while we’re here to cater to your commercial kitchen flooring needs! You shouldn’t have to sacrifice looks for safety, and if you give us a call you won’t have to! We would love to help you choose!