Floor Cleaner

It can be really annoying having to buy a million different cleaners for all of the different things around your place of business. What is good for one type of flooring may not be the best for another. We have the perfect solution for you! Our Xtreme Clean – Super Concentrate Floor Cleaner is the answer to all of your commercial floor care needs!

While we understand that concrete flooring may not be right for all areas of your building, we still want to help make your life as easy as we possibly can. This is why we created a cleaner that can be used not only on concrete floors, but also on ceramic tile, VCT tile, vinyl,  wood floor, and all other hard floors! No matter what, we’ve got you covered!

Our cleaner is super simple to use. It comes boxed up in 2 or 15 ounce packets that need to be diluted with the amount of water specified. Then, it can be used in a bucket, spray bottle, floor scrubber, pressure washer, or anything else you can possibly think of to clean with!

Not only is our cleaner easy to use and super effective, it is also good for the earth. This solution does not rely on harsh chemicals to get the job done. It is also great for your employees’ health, as they will not have to breathe in the nasty ingredients that are in so many other cleaning solutions! It’s safer, and preforms just as well if not better than other cleaners! It can handle even the most unpleasant messes!

You won’t know unless you try for yourself, so give us a call to place your order! Whether or not you have concrete floors, we are ready and willing to do business with you! You will soon see that we are happy to help you out, no matter what!