Green Flooring OptionsA lot of people these days are highly concerned about the environment and what their company’s ecological footprint looks like. We have good news! The US Green Building Council acknowledges concrete polishing as an LEED certified step for environmentally friendly businesses. So not only can your business have a gorgeous, safe, low maintenance floor, it can also be eco-friendly!

We offer many great options, especially when it comes to our epoxy floor coatings. Epoxy is considered to be friendly to the environment because the coating lasts for an extremely  long time and the already glossy finish does not require a single waxing or any other harmful chemicals in order to stay clean and glassy!

Our V-8 6.0 High Performance Epoxy coating always is highly recommended. The epoxy comes as a clear resin, but we can always add pigment and still keep it earth conscious if you decide your business could use a little color. This product is designed to be applied in two different applications and is designed to be used on concrete floors that undergo a lot of abuse, so there is absolutely no need to worry about them once they are finished!

Not only do we offer green flooring options, but we also have a fantastic earth friendly cleaner! Many cleaners rely on harsh chemicals and ingredients that are bad for the health of the people using them, but Xtreme Clean Super Concentrate Cleaner was designed to offer an eco-friendly option that would still get the job done, no matter how bad the mess is! All you need to do is dilute it with water, and you’re good to go! This cleaner not only works on concrete floors, but also on ceramic tile, VCT tile, vinyl, wood floor, and all other hard floors!

We’re here to show the world that you can be environmentally conscious without having to sacrifice efficiency or quality!