Project Description

V-8 Platinum Floor Coating System at Fred’s Italian Restaurant

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Grand Rapids, MI


The dining experience is about much more than just delicious food. Therefore, Fred’s Italian Restaurant enhanced the atmosphere in their new dining area with a 2 color Platinum Color Pigment epoxy floor coating system with a matte Magnum Urethane topcoat. In addition, a clear V-8 Hybrid XT resinous coating completed the bar top.
Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems installed these systems for their unique looks, easy cleanability, and durability. As a result, these floors will hold up to constant foot traffic and spills.

Project Details


Metallic Epoxy using V-8’s Platinum Floor Coating System

Grand Rapids Metallic Epoxy
Restaurant Flooring
Decorative floor coating and bartop

Why hire Xtreme as your Grand Rapids metallic epoxy contractor?

Equipment –

Over a million dollars of specialized surface preparation equipment is used every day by our crews. As a result, Xtreme has the equipment to handle any size Grand Rapids metallic epoxy project. For instance, our specialized fleet of equipment is largely geared towards surface preparation and removal of existing flooring. First, ride on tile scrapers remove tile without damaging the substrate. Second, hand held scrapers and chipping hammers are used for smaller hard to reach areas. Third, after the tile is demoed, our heavy duty concrete grinding machines from Substrate Technology, Inc. are used to remove any remaining grout, and prepare the surface for epoxy installation.

Grand Rapids Metallic Epoxy Experience –

Many metallic epoxy projects have been completed by our experienced crews in the Grand Rapids area. Because of this, our team is able to reflect on every project and evaluate our installation techniques. Over these many projects, Xtreme’s installation process of V-8 High Performance Floors products has been perfected.

Variety of floor coating systems –

Restaurants are made of many different areas that require different functions of flooring. For example, there are dining areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. Because of the variety of spaces in a single restaurant, many flooring systems may need to be installed. Therefore, Xtreme installs many types of flooring systems. These systems offer looks, clean ability, texture, durability, and more.

Speed & efficiency –

Multiple crews, fleet of trucks and trailers, specialized equipment, training, and a plan all contribute to our speed & efficiency on our projects. Consequently, we complete jobs much quicker than many. While our speed is an important aspect of hiring Xtreme as your Grand Rapids metallic epoxy contractor, rest assured that quality is what we strive for.

Full support staff –

With Xtreme, you get the whole package, and our service starts long before our crews show up. Because our office is fully staffed with employees, projects run smoothly from start to finish. Salesmen educate our customers on expectations, possibilities, and pricing. Operations managers make sure that the work is completed on our customers schedule, and that the right crew is on the project. Warehouse employees equip our crews with the correct materials and equipment for the project. Project managers, and crew leaders are on site to make sure the project is completed to spec. Once completed, the accounting department smoothly handles invoicing and answers any billing related questions.

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